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Enhance your home gym experience with the USRV-02 UBench 2-Slot Barbell Rack, your key to efficient storage and organisation.
This robust rack keeps your bars neatly off the floor, freeing up valuable space and transforming your workout environment into a clean and clutter-free zone. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for weights during your workout – the USRV-02 UBench 2-Slot Barbell Rack keeps up to two Olympic bars, aluminium training bars, or even Olympic curl bars readily accessible and organised, depending on your preferred spacing configuration.
Built with heavy-gauge steel, this rack boasts unmatched strength and stability, ensuring the safe and secure storage of your valuable equipment. The premium powder coating offers superior protection against rust and corrosion, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.
Eliminate the risk of tripping over or accidentally dropping bars on your feet, allowing you to focus solely on your workout with peace of mind. The horizontal design provides effortless access to your bars, making it simple to grab the weight you need and get started.
Unlock a multitude of benefits with the USRV-02 UBench 2-Slot Barbell Rack today: optimise your home gym space, create a clean and organised workout environment, experience a safer and more convenient way to store your bars, and extend the lifespan of your exercise equipment.